Friday, November 25, 2011

deep. fried. cornbread.

So, I guess there comes a time, when after a while of changing your eating habits, that you fall off the wagon.

I'm proud to day that it wasn't yesterday.

I got up had a few cups of coffee w/ fat free 1/2 & 1/2 and an egg scramble loaded with turkey sausage, ham, green peppers, red onions and smoked gouda.  (It was with two eggs...and I ate half and expected to save the other half for breakfast today...well that didn't happen.

After a 2.1 mile run with a mile walk interspersed in throughout I snacked on an apple w/peanut butter and downed a nalgene of water.

I had the second half of breakfast with another cup of coffee with more 1/2 and 1/ I watched some Wallace and Gromit.

Then I headed across the street for a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat. And let me just didn't feel like home away from home.  It felt like home.  Which is a really cool feeling.  It was like I was meant to be there.  I'm super thankful for the space I had at their family table, the feast they shared and the warm welcome.

I had some snacks of whole wheat crackers and celery sticks with cream cheese olive dip and some olives & pickles.
Alongside a glass of white wine I enjoyed some turkey, brussels sprouts, green bean casserole and a small scoop of stuffing with cranberries.  After a brief respite and some joke telling, I had a sliver of apple pie with freshly whipped cream and a sliver of key lime cheese cake :) yum...with a side of coffee....

And then: to the movies!  The Muppets was excellent! (I shied away from snacks there...because I was still super full from dinner.  I did have some sugar free candies to stifle the still lingering cough.

When I got home I popped in Chicken Run and had some sleepy time tea before passing out happy and full. :)

Today started off really well...oatmeal made with skim milk a sprinkle of splenda and a 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries.  It was breakfast, and if you haven't figured it out by now, there was coffee with fat free 1/2 & 1/2. 

I then just snacked my way through the day.  A south beach protein cereal bar, a cheese stick...another cup of coffee and ran some errands.  Later there was a snack of cheese and crackers and some diet ginger ale. 

And then came dinner....
At the French Quarter Bistro they have many tasty beers on tap.
We started with a Three Philosophers Quadrupel :)
It helped keep the palate cool alongside the firecracker shrimp pictured below. 

We passed on the white rice, but enjoyed the last of that spicy sauce with some fresh baked cornbread.

When dinner came, we paired it with some sort of Noel was an 11% one...I should have written the name down, but I was completely distracted by my dinner. 

Blackened salmon, topped with craw fish tales in a bourbon sauce, over tasty green beans.  It was all on top of, get this, deep fried cornbread!  Holy yummyness. 

I saw it on the menu and thought...oh good gravy, that's a double no...a corn product....deep fried. 
But it was so good!  Well worth the splurge.  I mean if you're fall off the might as well do it with a cannon ball...or a swan dive...I mean really go for it! 

If you're every around for a visit...let me know, this is a great place for a bite to eat. 

I'm just sipping some more sugar-free ginger ale before I go into sweet dreamland about this scrumptious dinner.

Until tomorrow . . .

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