Sunday, November 27, 2011

3rd Thanksgiving and the day after.

At one point I felt like I feasted like a champ yesterday, but in doesn't look all that bad.

Breakfast was a large espresso with low fat 1/2 & 1/2.  It went very well with a 2 egg omelet with a Mexican blend of shredded cheese and 2 turkey sausage links.  (Thanks for making breakfast, Billy.)

A late lunch consisted of goat cheese, whole wheat crackers, baked brie with honey drizzled on it served with pear and apple slices.  I had three mini puff pasty apps....that's what I could have skipped...but oh well, it was Thanksgiving.  Oh, and several green olives stuffed with feta and blue cheese.  Two glasses of Shiraz were sipped throughout the afternoon.  I also enjoyed a small bowl of escarole soup.  (So delish!!!!)

Dinner was Turkey (at 6:30....and I was ready to eat!)  Some stuffing, mashed potatoes (which were to die for.... 1) because I was breaking a potato fast and 2) because they tasted like butter (another thing I haven't had in a while.) 1/2 a sweet potato, a spoonful of green bean casserole, Brussels sprouts with bacon and a bit of gravy.  And another glass of wine.  Followed by a glass of diet ginger ale. 

I enjoyed a slice of pumpkin pie with ready whip for dessert and bite of pecan pie.

So all in all...if you look at it from a south beach phase two perspective...the extras were: one glass of wine, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy.  But it is what it is...and really, my plate didn't contain a mountain of mashed potatoes and was just a spoonful of each and I passed on the large white bakery rolls with butter.  I did feel really full at the end of dinner.

When I got home I had a cup of tea with lemon and a teaspoon of honey.

Today I had my regular 2 cups of coffee with fat free 1/2 & 1/2, and a fried egg with some ham.
Lunch was a bowl of beef vegetable soup at potluck.  I could strain out the potatoes but the corn was sneaky kernels, you!  I also chomped on a cheese stick.

The real bites of bread at communion are still chewy delicious! 

After a sweet 2 mile run, I had half an apple with a TBS of peanut butter.

Dinner was leftovers from yesterday.....well, just some of the leftovers.  A bowl of soup, some turkey and a sweet potato.

After several days where dessert was just part of the meal, I was craving something sweet.  I had a few squares from an organic dark chocolate bar with toffee bits.  Just enough to curb the desire for pie....which, I'm glad I didn't take home with the leftovers because I totally would've eaten it today.

And now with a cup of tea (w/honey & lemon) in my belly, I'm ready for bed.

Tomorrow is a weigh-in day....and while I'm really curious about it, I know I'm already back to healthier eating after the I'm ready for a good week.  And the other thing is that the Thanksgiving meals this week, were less about the food and more about the fellowship around that table and family....and those two things are far more important than whatever number shows up on the scale in the morning.

Until tomorrow . . .

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