Sunday, November 6, 2011

just a bit of bread...and a sip of wine

Today was a looooong day.
Breakfast: cup of coffee with skim milk and an egg scramble w/mushrooms, green peppers & mozzarella cheese. 
A second cup of coffee with some hazelnut splenda and some sugar free cocoa...a tasty mocha to get me ready for church :) 

The off the limit food for today was partaking of the bread and wine at communion.  But what a sacred moment it was...during both services as we remembered the saints who had gone before us and those still with us this day.  There were tears and smiles as we broke bread and sang hymns and prayed for one another. 

Had some tasty chili with cheddar cheese for lunch with the confirmation youth. 

A quick break between fundocy and contemporary worship meant some diet iced tea and some string cheese. 

And a quick dinner of cauliflower soup and pepper sticks with hummus between contemporary worship and the Simpsons youth event.

And now a mug of sleepy time tea, an episode of Buffy and off to bed.  I'm completely sucked into season 7... I forgot how much the episodes tied into each other...and also how randomly goofy a few of them have been. 

Until tomorrow . . .

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