Saturday, April 30, 2011

previously on 30 days of adventures: #30daysofbiking

Well, we've come to the end of another #30daysofbiking.

Here's a recap of April (also known as 30 reasons for #30daysofbiking):

1) breakfast at the tomcat cafe
2) emotional sanity during a busy season
3) i've been sleeping like a champ!
4) still get a good workout in on 12 hour workdays
5) breaking loose from being a fair weather biker. 
6) showing up for meetings with one pant leg rolled up
7) shouts of encouragement from parishioners as they drive by
8) invites for breakfast as i bike by people's homes :)
9) A way to share my sassy knee high socks :)
10) When I check in my rides at dailymile it says I'm an athlete.  (That brings a smile to my face every day.)
11) Waving to youth from our after school program as they walk to school.
12) Bikes have become home decor in dining room and the foyer.
13) Giving reason for my stomach to growl during a week when I've had two days where my three meals have been at church.  (burp)
14) The pants I wore this evening were less snug in the waist...and showed off some nice quads :)
15) Self care.
16) Some days it gets me out of bed.
17)  Pride goeth before a fall....literally. (or my pride was gone after I fell)
18) A solid night's sleep.
19) School buses full of smiley and wave-y kiddos :)
20) parking in my office...

21) 3 egg omelet with bacon, caramelized onions and goat cheese
22) When I wake up in the morning and my legs are telling me, hey, you've been doing some pretty serious riding for the last 21 days, I drag myself out of bed knowing another ride will feel good.
23) the daily opportunity to think, pray and take care of myself, which has been a good thing for me. 
24) 200 miles :)
25) I look pretty good in biker shorts ;)
26) My next door neighbor was getting the pool ready today :) :) :)
27) um...after godspell rehearsal tonight we went to the CONE!
28) more vitamin d :)
29) Those parts of a long ride when all I can hear are the birds and all I can see is open road.

and reason #30 for #30daysofbiking:
Addicted to biking and a more active lifestyle :)

I'm still finalizing the discipline for the next 30 until tomorrow . . .

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  1. PS...I biked a total of 266 miles this month!