Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a two-fer wednesday

So...bed has become my new favorite.  Okay, smiling is my first favorite...but my new favorite is lying in bed listing to morning edition until I have to get up, which means shorter rides or faster ones...depends on the day. 

So it was a mellow 3 this morning.  But I did get out there.  In the fog and everything. (Very thankful for head and tail lights and my bright yellow windbreaker.) 

Then off to work, nothing to zany today, just a slow-ish morning (time wise) and I took the time to finally write all of those thank your notes to people who helped with the Extreme Parsonage Makeover before I moved in....yes, they are a little belated...but they are done! :) 

I had two lovely home bound visits this was hard of hearing, so I felt like I was shouting, but I wanted to make sure she heard me....and the other is one with a thick Pennsylvania Dutch accent...I finally realized today, that she drops her G''s wild. I love listening to her.  And she knew the other woman I saw...and talked about how her voice is horse after a visit with her because of the volume at which she speaks to her.  :)

Then I had some downtime before heading back to prep for the Seder I put on a t-shirt, rolled up the pant leg and squeezed another ride in.... :)  and got a wave from a nicely built fellow working in his yard (blush).

Oh, yeah, not to mention it was 70+ degrees this afternoon, so I had to be outside when the opportunity arose...while it's a perfect evening for a night ride, I'm saving strength for a good ride in the morning, which will be followed by a big breakfast with friends....

Reason #20 for #30daysofbiking:
parking in my office...

Until the next ride . . .

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