Tuesday, April 26, 2011

glimpses of summer

I'm blogging on my blackberry, pleasantly perched on my porch swing. It is too nice to be inside. It' in the 70s, people are walking, mowing lawns and kids are playing. I got distracted from reading by all this outside activity. I've seen kids that are soaked from water fights and one kid wrapped in a towel :).

This is what the summer months will bring. More laughter and no doubt some tears and the soothing sounds of a guy walking by clearing his throat to hock a loogie. (Lovely) But that is summer...

I had a nice trail ride this morning, taking it easy before the heat of the day set in. Saw a beautiful heron across the river. I think they are just beautiful. They make me pause.

It looks like another night with the windows open. Simple pleasures.

Reason #26 for #30daysofbiking:
My next door neighbor was getting the pool ready today :) :) :)

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