Thursday, April 14, 2011

it's all about the pants . . .

Okay, so I had a great ride this morning.  The sun makes such a difference...I think the recent amount of rain and overcast had been affecting me more than I realized.  The sun changed my disposition...and brought a smile to my face pretty much all day.  Got in a nice 10 miles. 

Reason #14 for #30daysofbiking:
The pants I wore this evening were less snug in the waist...and showed off some nice quads :)

I picked the pants because I headed out for dinner and a show with some folks from church.
My new favorite dish is Seafood Fra Diavolo.  Fresh muscles, clams, shrimp and deep fried calamari :) 

Then we went to the Hershey Theatre for Hair.  A great show...with great audience interaction, but I suppose it helps that we were sitting in the 5th row.  After the curtain call the audience was invited up to dance on stage with the now I have danced on stage at the Hershey Theatre.  Fun times.

Until tomorrow's ride . . .

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