Saturday, April 2, 2011

hills, glorious, hills...

I love that the weather was much nicer today.  Zero rain and zero snow.

The upside to having an afternoon to ride is that you get to explore new areas...that and you don't know the elevation. 
The downside to that is ... the chance that the first few miles of the ride may just be a steady uphill...hidden by turns in the road. 

I did have a chance to look into the woods and think about morel season in Indiana :) and back to good times during the Hilly Hundred.  

I took a photo break to breathe at one point mid-hill:

I laughed at this sign...because the great hills were all on Furnace St. 
I debated going down Hill Road...but I stuck to my guns and continued up Furnace St. 

After some more hills... I eventually hit the awesome down hill! :) :) 

It ended up being a good loop.  From what my quads are saying right now, I think a less hilly ride tomorrow would be a good choice. 

Until the next ride . . .

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