Tuesday, April 5, 2011

glad i didn't check the weather radar first

Reason #5: breaking loose from being a fair weather biker. 

Granted, the weather was perfect this morning as I left the house...high 50s and overcast.  It felt warm :) 
Luckily I kept the raincoat...rain was in the forecast...something about thunderstorm warnings until 10am.

I mixed up the loop that I've been doing, just for a change of pace. 

This is not the only hill in the ride...but it makes me think twice about this loop every time I see it:

At this point in the ride, it started sprinkling...not too hard...it felt nice, especially after this hill.  You know like during a long run or ride when you're warm and a cooling off is welcome. 

I did another few miles into Wernersville where I hit the main drag to head back into town...and there it was, looming over and beyond Robesonia....a dark, ominous storm cloud....eep. 

But I headed home anyway....into what turned out to be driving rain and gusty wind.  I got back into town and still had 1/2 a loop to go...so I kept going.  At that point, I'm already wet, not cold (well except for where the rain is stinging my arms through the rain coat) but not chilled to the bone. 
I charged up the last few hills...with some shouts/grunts and bursts of laughter as I realized that puddles were forming in my shoes.  The water was running down my face and legs...and I laughed harder.   I got to one turning point...and I kept going onward...extending this morning's ride from the usual 10 to 13.  I kept thanking God in the midst of each hill (both on the way up and down) for the strength, ability, courage, energy and for getting me out of bed to get out and ride this morning.

This is the second ride in four days, when Katarina has been dried off. 

My leggings, socks and shoes are still wet.  A good ride.

Until the next ride . . .

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