Monday, April 11, 2011

all in a (mon)days work

Just another manic monday....and no thanks, I don't wish it to be Sunday, because that just means another manic Monday is on it's way.

Signs that today was jam-packed:

On the road to ride my bike before 7am. (8.8 miles...nearly back to full health!) (did feel funny with a cotton ball in my ear, but it had been aching while riding with the head cold and all...but the cotton ball did the trick!...truth be told I felt silly, but thankful that I remembered to take it out)
Devos over morning coffee.  
Expecting weather in the 80s today...opened several windows at  home.
Got to church @ 8:15am.
Breakfast Bible study. (two dippy eggs, an english muffin and a banana) 
A person who stopped in to do some plumming work picked up and dropped of my keys in the midst of two different meetings and said, "geesh, you have alot of meetings." (true story)
Bible Study and two meetings were done before lunch.
Staff lunch provided by lay offer thanks, support and the opportunity for fellowship.  (spinach tomato tortelini soup, a tasty salad with a curry dressing, homemade pecan pie for dessert)
I created my beginning of the week checklist at 2pm.
Didn't realize it was 80 degrees outside until some women at church told me to take of my sweater and go outside.
Ran home mid-afternoon to unpack some summer clothes to wear for the after school program.
Played capture the flag.
Was told during the game, "woah, miss, you're fast." (today's highlight!)
Thankful for folks who provided dinner for those of us who did not have time to get home for dinner.  
Laughed until I nearly cried at dinner with the wet fish and pastor cheese stories.
Enjoyed homemade chicken parmesean, whole wheat pasta, salad & homemade (warm) apple pie. 
Back to back evening meetings....all about youth.

Seeing the lightning, hearing the thunder and hearing the rain pelt against the window during the evening made me panic that I had opened the windows before leaving this morning....

Talked about the our call to serve the youth in our congregation by lifting up adults, teaching them and empowering them to be chaperones and small group leaders...with actual training & conversation! :) (another highlight!)
Quickly debriefed meeting and phone call post meeting.
Got home: 8:40pm.
Celebrated that there were no wet spots from the storm with a stout :)
Blogging....and shortly falling asleep to the rain.

Reason #10 for #30daysofbiking:
Waving to youth from our after school program as they walk to school.

Until tomorrow's ride . . .

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