Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 reasons for #30daysofbiking

Today's ride was squeezed into the middle of a Sunday.  Sundays kick my butt.
Worship at 8, Sunday School @ 9:15, worship @ young adult bible study after the late service.  Fundocy (confirmation) at 4 and a youth event at 6.  phew. 

But...did manage to get a 10 mile ride in this afternoon. 
And thankfully the sun was out.  Therefore the awesome splat! noise...was a bug hitting my sunglasses and not my eye. 

Gotta love the casual pose in front of the fire house in Wernersville.

Here's the firehouse sign:

I was slightly jealous of the folks waiting in line at the ice cream shop as I traveled through town...but there are many more days when I can stop there....not to mention a Ritas Ride :)

I also passed by 3 other bikers out this afternoon...wondering if there's a secret wave for I would know if they were in or not.  I just imagine that they are.

Oh, when I signed up for #30daysofbiking, they ask for the reason you are doing it.  I'm trying to come up with 30 for each's three...since it's already day 3.

1) breakfast at the tomcat cafe
2) emotional sanity during a busy season
3) i've been sleeping like a champ!

Until the next ride . . .

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