Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a sacred meal

It is so summer here.  It was a balmy 70+ degrees this morning and after a few days of long rides I thought an easy miles today would be a good thing. 

So last night I attended a Seder meal.  It was a wonderful experience.  I was invited by one of our office administrators she's Lutheran and her husband is Jewish.  She knew much more about the traditions than he did.   One son is away at college but the other one was home.  He said it's good to be Jewthran. 

It was wonderful to hear the words, the prayers, and the story of liberation.  It was most holy to pray with the family in Hebrew and in English.  

At the end of a truly delicious meal, the Lutheran said thanked us for coming, because she loves being able to share the meal, the story and the tradition with people she knows.  I'm just thankful to have been invited.  While I had been to a few Seder meals at churches, just to learn about them, this meal last night was truly holy and blessed. 

reason #27 for #30daysofbiking:
um...after godspell rehearsal tonight we went to the CONE!

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