Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's amazing what can get you through a ride in the rain.

Tuesday is my late morning to go in, because Sundays and Mondays are marathon days...so I sleep in a bit, and ride a bit later than normal. 

When I started the ride, it wasn't raining...
I did do a longer loop today, which felt great!  At the stoplight in the next town, a school bus pulled up next to me, and some elementary school kids started waving...I waved back, looking at all the smiley faces in the windows...and then recognized a kid from church...and said, "Hi George!"  He let out a big grin, which is priceless, because it's toothless, and waved harder...and turned to the back of the bus...a few rows back was his sister...now also waving frantically.  I scanned to the front and recognized a few more faces from our once a week after school program.  Some waved and others gave me the peace sign. 

As the light turned green, the bus turned one way and I went the other...with tears in my eyes. 

I've been here 3 months and this is home.  The smiles and waves completely made my day. 

It's amazing what a smile & wave can do. 

As I made my way home the rain started...but I could have cared less...I still had all those smiles in my head and my heart. 

Thanks God for revealing yourself to me through a school bus full of kiddos.  Thanks for showing me that this is home and that this is where I'm called to be...

Until the next ride . . .

Reason #19 for #30daysofbiking
School buses full of smiley and wave-y kiddos :)

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