Saturday, April 16, 2011

a sabbath evening

I'm so glad I got a quick 3 mile ride in this morning...the sky was light and was getting darker while I was in bed, so I got up and hit the road. 
Luckily there were just a few sprinkles, but the wind was already ready for the advisory that was scheduled for this afternoon. 

Reason #16 for #30daysofbiking
Some days it gets me out of bed. 

I came home to the message that the egg hunt for today was postponed until next Saturday.
Ah......ride = check.  Free morning/afternoon.....what to do ?!?!?!

I started with oatmeal and a cup of coffee. 

The rest of the morning/afternoon was spent with the following: (not necessarily in this order)
3 loads of laundry
bathroom cleaned & mopped
2 sinkfuls of dishes
emptied out leftovers that were too old from the fridge
1 more sinkful of dishes
finally found the foyer...amidst the papers, coats, junk mail, bags and stuff
swiffered the foyer (after I found it) living room & dining room
De-furred the sofa & love seat (then Marley promptly curled up on it)
Went to the store for communion bread
Cooked some bacon to have with some of my leftover pancakes from yesterday (I still have enough for another meal...)
Cleaned off dining room table
Swiffered my bedroom
Swept and wet swiffed the kitchen floor
Vacuumed the carped on the steps and the landing
Cleaned the litter box
Took out the trash
And assisted with worship....

I came home and was able to put on Prairie Home Companion, start supper & start a fire :)

A sabbath evening in a clean house to start Holy Week....

Thanks be to God. 

Until the next ride . . .

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