Friday, April 1, 2011

back to biking :)

Tough ride to kick off #30daysofbiking....

The snow was coming down when I got up...and it transitioned into rain while I was riding. 
I now know to change the layering while I ride....especially when it's raining.  My feet got really wet, so I'm nixing the cotton socks next time.  My toes were the chilliest. 

It was all worth it, though, for breakfast:

Luckily there are many more breakfast options at the Tomcat Cafe ....This morning I had Moody Blues French Toast.  The fellow next to me at the counter had a lunch sandwich....and it looked delicious!  I think I will take Carl's recommendation and have that one next time.  It was something with braised beef and melted cheese....on this toasty bread. 

It was a good 17 mile ride....I love this month! 

Until the next post . . .

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