Monday, April 18, 2011

tired, in a good way.

This morning came way too quickly...or I stayed up a bit late watching Home Movies last night.  Who doesn't love Jason?  Anyway, it was wonderful staying in bed until the last minute...and I slept like a champ! That did mean, however, a shorter ride before Breakfast Bible Study. 

After the long ride yesterday an easy 3 was perfect this morning.  At one point I had hoped to do double digit rides every day in April...but goal was a bit much.  I hadn't kept track of the mileage during the first two #30daysofbiking....but I'm sure this month will surpass the first two.  My distance is definitely up. 

A free night tonight meant Chinese take out...and now Sweeney Todd. (I couldn't start it while I was eating...)

Until the next ride . . .

More reasons for #30daysofbiking: (I forgot a few in earlier posts)
#15: Self care.
#17: Pride goeth before a fall....literally. (or my pride was gone after I fell)
#18: A solid night's sleep.

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