Friday, April 29, 2011

taking care of me. (takes more than just me)

Today's ride was awesome!
9.5 miles in, I stopped for breakfast.
I had my favorite, the Dazed and Confused French Toast (fruity pebble french toast topped with fresh bananas and strawberries) coffee and a side of bacon :)

It's what I had during my first ride of #30daysofbiking.  

While I was finishing up, the owner/chef was making his rounds (as he's done every time I've been to the Tomcat cafe) and he checked in with folks and asked how everything was, and I said delicious as usual...and he said, "You've got the right idea, go for a ride, stop to eat and ride home.  I like that."

Granted, I'm the only one in there with biking garb on, but it's nice that there is a local eatery that smiles when they see me.

I went home the way I came in, which I haven't done before...which meant that I hit some new uphills...but I also got some sweet speed on some down hills.

This hill looks far less daunting when you're ready to go down:

I got home and just felt good, probably because the rain only started to sprinkle at the very, very end.  

I headed off for a hospital visit before heading over for my first (ever) massage.  

The massage was wonderful!  It will be added as a regular item to my self care list.  The combination of the long ride plus the massage made it quite tempting to take a nap on the table after the massage, but I fought the urge and headed on out.  

The massage was a gift to me, from the owner/operator of the salon.  She said she really wanted me to experience it and that it would be good for me.  She was right on both accounts.  The other thing she may not realize is how much help she was giving her pastor.  I was so thankful for that quiet time, for that release...and so thankful that she gifted that time and experience to me.  It definitely strengthened me to continue on in serving this congregation.  In no way am I suggesting that I need a free massage all the time...but that this woman saw the importance and the care and expressed that through nurturing me and allowing me to rejuvenate was just a wonderful thing.  I'm so blessed.  

I grabbed some veggies at the market and some tasty greek food to go, since I knew I would just want to kick back for the rest of the day.  

My legs are exhausted, probably due to the both the ride and the massage.  
Anyway, following the series finale of LOST I can guarantee a solid night's sleep.  

So yeah, I'm thankful for the multitude of people who nurtured me today:
The Tomcat restaurant employees
The person I visited at the hospital
The masseuse 
The salon owner
The produce folks and cooks at the market
The folks who loaned me season 6 of LOST 

All in all...a good day.

Until tomorrow's ride...

reason #29 for #30daysofbiking:
Those parts of a long ride when all I can hear are the birds and all I can see is open road.

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