Saturday, April 30, 2011

previously on 30 days of adventures: #30daysofbiking

Well, we've come to the end of another #30daysofbiking.

Here's a recap of April (also known as 30 reasons for #30daysofbiking):

1) breakfast at the tomcat cafe
2) emotional sanity during a busy season
3) i've been sleeping like a champ!
4) still get a good workout in on 12 hour workdays
5) breaking loose from being a fair weather biker. 
6) showing up for meetings with one pant leg rolled up
7) shouts of encouragement from parishioners as they drive by
8) invites for breakfast as i bike by people's homes :)
9) A way to share my sassy knee high socks :)
10) When I check in my rides at dailymile it says I'm an athlete.  (That brings a smile to my face every day.)
11) Waving to youth from our after school program as they walk to school.
12) Bikes have become home decor in dining room and the foyer.
13) Giving reason for my stomach to growl during a week when I've had two days where my three meals have been at church.  (burp)
14) The pants I wore this evening were less snug in the waist...and showed off some nice quads :)
15) Self care.
16) Some days it gets me out of bed.
17)  Pride goeth before a fall....literally. (or my pride was gone after I fell)
18) A solid night's sleep.
19) School buses full of smiley and wave-y kiddos :)
20) parking in my office...

21) 3 egg omelet with bacon, caramelized onions and goat cheese
22) When I wake up in the morning and my legs are telling me, hey, you've been doing some pretty serious riding for the last 21 days, I drag myself out of bed knowing another ride will feel good.
23) the daily opportunity to think, pray and take care of myself, which has been a good thing for me. 
24) 200 miles :)
25) I look pretty good in biker shorts ;)
26) My next door neighbor was getting the pool ready today :) :) :)
27) um...after godspell rehearsal tonight we went to the CONE!
28) more vitamin d :)
29) Those parts of a long ride when all I can hear are the birds and all I can see is open road.

and reason #30 for #30daysofbiking:
Addicted to biking and a more active lifestyle :)

I'm still finalizing the discipline for the next 30 until tomorrow . . .

Friday, April 29, 2011

taking care of me. (takes more than just me)

Today's ride was awesome!
9.5 miles in, I stopped for breakfast.
I had my favorite, the Dazed and Confused French Toast (fruity pebble french toast topped with fresh bananas and strawberries) coffee and a side of bacon :)

It's what I had during my first ride of #30daysofbiking.  

While I was finishing up, the owner/chef was making his rounds (as he's done every time I've been to the Tomcat cafe) and he checked in with folks and asked how everything was, and I said delicious as usual...and he said, "You've got the right idea, go for a ride, stop to eat and ride home.  I like that."

Granted, I'm the only one in there with biking garb on, but it's nice that there is a local eatery that smiles when they see me.

I went home the way I came in, which I haven't done before...which meant that I hit some new uphills...but I also got some sweet speed on some down hills.

This hill looks far less daunting when you're ready to go down:

I got home and just felt good, probably because the rain only started to sprinkle at the very, very end.  

I headed off for a hospital visit before heading over for my first (ever) massage.  

The massage was wonderful!  It will be added as a regular item to my self care list.  The combination of the long ride plus the massage made it quite tempting to take a nap on the table after the massage, but I fought the urge and headed on out.  

The massage was a gift to me, from the owner/operator of the salon.  She said she really wanted me to experience it and that it would be good for me.  She was right on both accounts.  The other thing she may not realize is how much help she was giving her pastor.  I was so thankful for that quiet time, for that release...and so thankful that she gifted that time and experience to me.  It definitely strengthened me to continue on in serving this congregation.  In no way am I suggesting that I need a free massage all the time...but that this woman saw the importance and the care and expressed that through nurturing me and allowing me to rejuvenate was just a wonderful thing.  I'm so blessed.  

I grabbed some veggies at the market and some tasty greek food to go, since I knew I would just want to kick back for the rest of the day.  

My legs are exhausted, probably due to the both the ride and the massage.  
Anyway, following the series finale of LOST I can guarantee a solid night's sleep.  

So yeah, I'm thankful for the multitude of people who nurtured me today:
The Tomcat restaurant employees
The person I visited at the hospital
The masseuse 
The salon owner
The produce folks and cooks at the market
The folks who loaned me season 6 of LOST 

All in all...a good day.

Until tomorrow's ride...

reason #29 for #30daysofbiking:
Those parts of a long ride when all I can hear are the birds and all I can see is open road.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

So I woke up this morning and could not fall back asleep. 
Lucky for me, it was an early morning...
Unlucky for me, it was a major thunderstorm. 
Hence, no morning ride. 

So, I got up and got ready for work...and went in an hour early. 

That seems to have made all the difference in the day. 
I had time to get a good jump on the sermon before a meeting followed by lunch out in honor of our administrative professionals...which was good...but we got back and it felt like the day was just about gone. 

I did get a ride in this afternoon. 
The sun was out and the humidity had dropped.  Double bonus. 

The day came to a close with dinner with a friend and choir rehearsal. 

I'm so glad to sing an old favorite anthem with a new group of folks. 
Yay for music that spans the years and times. 

Until tomorrow's ride . . .

reason #28 for #30daysofbiking
more vitamin d :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a sacred meal

It is so summer here.  It was a balmy 70+ degrees this morning and after a few days of long rides I thought an easy miles today would be a good thing. 

So last night I attended a Seder meal.  It was a wonderful experience.  I was invited by one of our office administrators she's Lutheran and her husband is Jewish.  She knew much more about the traditions than he did.   One son is away at college but the other one was home.  He said it's good to be Jewthran. 

It was wonderful to hear the words, the prayers, and the story of liberation.  It was most holy to pray with the family in Hebrew and in English.  

At the end of a truly delicious meal, the Lutheran said thanked us for coming, because she loves being able to share the meal, the story and the tradition with people she knows.  I'm just thankful to have been invited.  While I had been to a few Seder meals at churches, just to learn about them, this meal last night was truly holy and blessed. 

reason #27 for #30daysofbiking:
um...after godspell rehearsal tonight we went to the CONE!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

glimpses of summer

I'm blogging on my blackberry, pleasantly perched on my porch swing. It is too nice to be inside. It' in the 70s, people are walking, mowing lawns and kids are playing. I got distracted from reading by all this outside activity. I've seen kids that are soaked from water fights and one kid wrapped in a towel :).

This is what the summer months will bring. More laughter and no doubt some tears and the soothing sounds of a guy walking by clearing his throat to hock a loogie. (Lovely) But that is summer...

I had a nice trail ride this morning, taking it easy before the heat of the day set in. Saw a beautiful heron across the river. I think they are just beautiful. They make me pause.

It looks like another night with the windows open. Simple pleasures.

Reason #26 for #30daysofbiking:
My next door neighbor was getting the pool ready today :) :) :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy week hangover.

Easter Monday consists of the following:

Not getting out of bed until 11am.
Remaining in pajamas until after noon. 
Breakfast = coffee & rice crispy treats (they're made of cereal...right?)
A long, slow 12 mile ride :) in the sun!!!
A great afternoon with kiddos at the after-school program...playing outside and making bracelets. 
Dinner of homemade pizza with caramelized onions and goat cheese...with a nice cold strawberry wheat beer brewed in Lancaster, PA. 
Several episodes of LOST.

Reason #25 for #30daysofbiking:
I look pretty good in biker shorts ;)

Until the next ride . . .

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

What an amazingly wonderful day. 

I am exhausted after four worship services, but once they began...the energy just kept going. 
I had a wonderful dinner of double smoked ham and all sorts of tasty side dishes... :) a brief nap, then more fellowship and an egg hunt.  I like egg hunts. 

Lots of peanut butter cups, and $10.11 :) 

The day ended with pie, ice cream and a 6 mile ride.  Now to turn off all alarms for tomorrow morning and to watch some LOST.

Until the next ride . . .

Reason #24 for #30daysofbiking:
200 miles :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

rain. again.

I made it around the 3 mile loop twice this morning in the pouring rain...well, it did let up towards the end of the ride...but at that point I was pretty wet. 

With a month that has been quite rainy, I'm definitely better equipped for rainy rides. 

In the midst of Lent  . . . getting on the bike every day has been a great breather for me. 
It's been a chance to think, pray and take care of myself, which has been a good thing for me. 

I'm guessing that tomorrow's ride will be a mellow one, following 4 Easter services, dinner, a nap and an egg hunt....It may be an evening ride...but it will be nice and mellow. 

Until the next ride . . .

Friday, April 22, 2011

earth day ride.

So it's Earth Day.  I admit, I debated for a while this morning, whether it made sense to get in the truck and drive to the trail.  I had thought that on the days when I had time to get to the trail I would, for a change of scenery and a change of pace/ride.  But with Earth Day, I didn't want to, you 

But the more I thought about it, I figured it would be a good day to breathe in deeply the beauty that surrounds us.  So I drove to the trail and had a wonderful 16 mile ride. 

Here are some pictures of the company I had on the ride:
In addition to many birds that flew and many squirrels that raced across the path I was looking for and spotted the heron across the river: (it's to the left of the white blossom tree)

On a different section of the river, I spotted a mama duck with some ducklings:

Oh, and one of many geese. 

And I often forget the beauty of the trees and plants....but this tree made me stop and stare:

So many animals and plants of beauty that surround us....take a moment to check them out.

Reason #22 for #30daysofbiking
When I wake up in the morning and my legs are telling me, hey, you've been doing some pretty serious riding for the last 21 days, I drag myself out of bed knowing another ride will feel good.

a bit of thursday...

Thursday's ride was off to a great start...but a hard finish which was right into the wind.  Ugh. 
But great to get out first thing, because I was rewarded with breakfast at my favorite breakfast place, the Tomcat Cafe.  :)  I had The Gambler Omelet: a 3 egg omelet with bacon, caramelized onions and goat cheese. (yum!)

I headed out to the market to get my ingredients for my dish for Easter Sunday: Triple B.  (Brussels Sprouts with bacon and balsamic)

Then prep for worship. 

It was an interesting evening, but a good one.  We welcomed 20 youth to the Lord's Table for the first time, with their families.  What joy it is, looking into those eyes...the ones worried about when to drink their little cup of grape juice, with family members all a glow.  And when the words are said, the Blood of Christ, shed for you, in the midst of the worry, the newness, the excitement: God is there.  In that moment coming to each person through the wine and bread.  Precious and wonderful and holy. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a part of those moments. 

reason #21 for #30daysofbiking:
3 egg omelets with bacon, caramelized onions and goat cheese

Until the next ride . . .

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a two-fer wednesday

So...bed has become my new favorite.  Okay, smiling is my first favorite...but my new favorite is lying in bed listing to morning edition until I have to get up, which means shorter rides or faster ones...depends on the day. 

So it was a mellow 3 this morning.  But I did get out there.  In the fog and everything. (Very thankful for head and tail lights and my bright yellow windbreaker.) 

Then off to work, nothing to zany today, just a slow-ish morning (time wise) and I took the time to finally write all of those thank your notes to people who helped with the Extreme Parsonage Makeover before I moved in....yes, they are a little belated...but they are done! :) 

I had two lovely home bound visits this was hard of hearing, so I felt like I was shouting, but I wanted to make sure she heard me....and the other is one with a thick Pennsylvania Dutch accent...I finally realized today, that she drops her G''s wild. I love listening to her.  And she knew the other woman I saw...and talked about how her voice is horse after a visit with her because of the volume at which she speaks to her.  :)

Then I had some downtime before heading back to prep for the Seder I put on a t-shirt, rolled up the pant leg and squeezed another ride in.... :)  and got a wave from a nicely built fellow working in his yard (blush).

Oh, yeah, not to mention it was 70+ degrees this afternoon, so I had to be outside when the opportunity arose...while it's a perfect evening for a night ride, I'm saving strength for a good ride in the morning, which will be followed by a big breakfast with friends....

Reason #20 for #30daysofbiking:
parking in my office...

Until the next ride . . .

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's amazing what can get you through a ride in the rain.

Tuesday is my late morning to go in, because Sundays and Mondays are marathon I sleep in a bit, and ride a bit later than normal. 

When I started the ride, it wasn't raining...
I did do a longer loop today, which felt great!  At the stoplight in the next town, a school bus pulled up next to me, and some elementary school kids started waving...I waved back, looking at all the smiley faces in the windows...and then recognized a kid from church...and said, "Hi George!"  He let out a big grin, which is priceless, because it's toothless, and waved harder...and turned to the back of the bus...a few rows back was his also waving frantically.  I scanned to the front and recognized a few more faces from our once a week after school program.  Some waved and others gave me the peace sign. 

As the light turned green, the bus turned one way and I went the other...with tears in my eyes. 

I've been here 3 months and this is home.  The smiles and waves completely made my day. 

It's amazing what a smile & wave can do. 

As I made my way home the rain started...but I could have cared less...I still had all those smiles in my head and my heart. 

Thanks God for revealing yourself to me through a school bus full of kiddos.  Thanks for showing me that this is home and that this is where I'm called to be...

Until the next ride . . .

Reason #19 for #30daysofbiking
School buses full of smiley and wave-y kiddos :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

tired, in a good way.

This morning came way too quickly...or I stayed up a bit late watching Home Movies last night.  Who doesn't love Jason?  Anyway, it was wonderful staying in bed until the last minute...and I slept like a champ! That did mean, however, a shorter ride before Breakfast Bible Study. 

After the long ride yesterday an easy 3 was perfect this morning.  At one point I had hoped to do double digit rides every day in April...but goal was a bit much.  I hadn't kept track of the mileage during the first two #30daysofbiking....but I'm sure this month will surpass the first two.  My distance is definitely up. 

A free night tonight meant Chinese take out...and now Sweeney Todd. (I couldn't start it while I was eating...)

Until the next ride . . .

More reasons for #30daysofbiking: (I forgot a few in earlier posts)
#15: Self care.
#17: Pride goeth before a fall....literally. (or my pride was gone after I fell)
#18: A solid night's sleep.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

holy and humbling moments

As we enter Holy Week, Palm Sunday set the mood. 

The storms had passed through, and the sun was out for a bit as we paraded behind Jesus on a donkey, waving our palms and shouting "Hosanna!"  What fun it was!

During worship, the sanctuary was full...the palms were a plenty...and the singing during the liturgy was an amazing experience....I don't know what it was...but in the midst of the words of institution it was like I was talking with people...and not a room full of hundreds of people, but it felt intimate and was powerful and holy.  I'm so thankful to be called here...

After worship I headed out to the trail for a ride.  The last time I was there, I stuck to the part I knew...rails to trails.  Today I went in a different direction, which didn't start off too well.  I had to walk up the first was gravel and I didn't have the oomph I needed.  After that I found a groove...and the trails got skinnier...I'm better at the hills that are longer with slower incline, rather than the short steep ones. 

Here's the view from the other side:

I was worried about going down the gravel road, you know wiping out and all, so I went along the side in the grass...where there was already a thin path outlined.  I took it for a while, until I found myself in in a divot...going so slowly that I got stuck and just fell over. I thought, well...while you are building up good strength in your legs when it comes to road riding, but off road is completely different story...I'm not 'all that' on two wheels.  Still living and learning.  There will be an interesting bruise on my left knee's slightly achy this evening. 

But I got back on the back the bike...and went back to put in some miles on the familiar trail.  And I was passed by an old man.  (geesh....) I wasn't lolly gagging or anything...but he just breezed by.  Just as I was thinking, woah, maybe I should kick it up a notch...and I noticed a great blue heron on the other side of the river.  I think they are one of the most beautiful creatures ever.  Either beautifully still by the river, or flying with an amazing wing span just seemingly gliding through the air.  It was a reminder to me that slowing not a bad thing.  That taking in what is all around me is a good thing. 

So all in all...I was on a trail of some sort for an hour and 45 minutes....a long, but good and solid ride. 
I'm exhausted. 

Until the next ride . . .

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a sabbath evening

I'm so glad I got a quick 3 mile ride in this morning...the sky was light and was getting darker while I was in bed, so I got up and hit the road. 
Luckily there were just a few sprinkles, but the wind was already ready for the advisory that was scheduled for this afternoon. 

Reason #16 for #30daysofbiking
Some days it gets me out of bed. 

I came home to the message that the egg hunt for today was postponed until next Saturday.
Ah......ride = check.  Free morning/afternoon.....what to do ?!?!?!

I started with oatmeal and a cup of coffee. 

The rest of the morning/afternoon was spent with the following: (not necessarily in this order)
3 loads of laundry
bathroom cleaned & mopped
2 sinkfuls of dishes
emptied out leftovers that were too old from the fridge
1 more sinkful of dishes
finally found the foyer...amidst the papers, coats, junk mail, bags and stuff
swiffered the foyer (after I found it) living room & dining room
De-furred the sofa & love seat (then Marley promptly curled up on it)
Went to the store for communion bread
Cooked some bacon to have with some of my leftover pancakes from yesterday (I still have enough for another meal...)
Cleaned off dining room table
Swiffered my bedroom
Swept and wet swiffed the kitchen floor
Vacuumed the carped on the steps and the landing
Cleaned the litter box
Took out the trash
And assisted with worship....

I came home and was able to put on Prairie Home Companion, start supper & start a fire :)

A sabbath evening in a clean house to start Holy Week....

Thanks be to God. 

Until the next ride . . .

Friday, April 15, 2011

great day off.

Had a great day with a fun evening coming up. 

This morning had a great 12 mile trail ride...the trail head is a 15-20 min. drive from my not something that squeezes into a week day morning, but a great day off ride and a great break from the road.  I forgot how different hills felt on the mountain bike. 

I stopped a few times for photo ops...this one is my fave:

The tires sound so fun on the wood planks. :)

This one was taken on the bridge:

And this was the only time I had to stop:

He was so cute....and he was just crossing the path...I asked where he was going, but he didn't answer, just kept plugging along. Slow and steady, my friend, slow and steady.  I good reminder to me, just to slow down and enjoy the ride. 

I enjoyed 1/2 my breakfast at the Tomcat Cafe...I say 1/2 because of the 2 pancakes that were bigger than my face, I could only make it through one.  Luckily I didn't bike there, so I could bring home the leftovers. 

I enjoyed an easy 1 mile ride to and from the middle school this afternoon to see some church youth in a track meet. 

Tonight is the high school musical: Thoroughly Modern Millie.  I've never seen it, but we have many talented youth in our community, so it will be a good performance.  Albeit quite different from Hair last night :)

Until tomorrow's ride . . .

Thursday, April 14, 2011

it's all about the pants . . .

Okay, so I had a great ride this morning.  The sun makes such a difference...I think the recent amount of rain and overcast had been affecting me more than I realized.  The sun changed my disposition...and brought a smile to my face pretty much all day.  Got in a nice 10 miles. 

Reason #14 for #30daysofbiking:
The pants I wore this evening were less snug in the waist...and showed off some nice quads :)

I picked the pants because I headed out for dinner and a show with some folks from church.
My new favorite dish is Seafood Fra Diavolo.  Fresh muscles, clams, shrimp and deep fried calamari :) 

Then we went to the Hershey Theatre for Hair.  A great show...with great audience interaction, but I suppose it helps that we were sitting in the 5th row.  After the curtain call the audience was invited up to dance on stage with the now I have danced on stage at the Hershey Theatre.  Fun times.

Until tomorrow's ride . . .

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the hungry biker

Reason #13 for #30daysofbiking:

Giving reason for my stomach to growl during a week when I've had two days where my three meals have been at church.  (burp)

Got a nice 9 mile ride in today...mellow hills and more back roads than main drag :) 

Until tomorrow's ride...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

rain, rain go away!

Day 12...many of them have been wet...and I think that one day when I came home shivering and took forever to warm up may have caused last week's I've been hesitant to ride in the cold rain.

I did bundle up this morning...with layers of fleece under the rain gear.  It felt better...but I'm pulling for no rain tomorrow. 

There were boatloads of puddles today....they are more fun when it's warmer.

I'm so ready for spring. 

Reason #12 for #30daysofbiking:
Bikes have become home decor in dining room and the foyer.

Until the next ride . . .

Monday, April 11, 2011

all in a (mon)days work

Just another manic monday....and no thanks, I don't wish it to be Sunday, because that just means another manic Monday is on it's way.

Signs that today was jam-packed:

On the road to ride my bike before 7am. (8.8 miles...nearly back to full health!) (did feel funny with a cotton ball in my ear, but it had been aching while riding with the head cold and all...but the cotton ball did the trick!...truth be told I felt silly, but thankful that I remembered to take it out)
Devos over morning coffee.  
Expecting weather in the 80s today...opened several windows at  home.
Got to church @ 8:15am.
Breakfast Bible study. (two dippy eggs, an english muffin and a banana) 
A person who stopped in to do some plumming work picked up and dropped of my keys in the midst of two different meetings and said, "geesh, you have alot of meetings." (true story)
Bible Study and two meetings were done before lunch.
Staff lunch provided by lay offer thanks, support and the opportunity for fellowship.  (spinach tomato tortelini soup, a tasty salad with a curry dressing, homemade pecan pie for dessert)
I created my beginning of the week checklist at 2pm.
Didn't realize it was 80 degrees outside until some women at church told me to take of my sweater and go outside.
Ran home mid-afternoon to unpack some summer clothes to wear for the after school program.
Played capture the flag.
Was told during the game, "woah, miss, you're fast." (today's highlight!)
Thankful for folks who provided dinner for those of us who did not have time to get home for dinner.  
Laughed until I nearly cried at dinner with the wet fish and pastor cheese stories.
Enjoyed homemade chicken parmesean, whole wheat pasta, salad & homemade (warm) apple pie. 
Back to back evening meetings....all about youth.

Seeing the lightning, hearing the thunder and hearing the rain pelt against the window during the evening made me panic that I had opened the windows before leaving this morning....

Talked about the our call to serve the youth in our congregation by lifting up adults, teaching them and empowering them to be chaperones and small group leaders...with actual training & conversation! :) (another highlight!)
Quickly debriefed meeting and phone call post meeting.
Got home: 8:40pm.
Celebrated that there were no wet spots from the storm with a stout :)
Blogging....and shortly falling asleep to the rain.

Reason #10 for #30daysofbiking:
Waving to youth from our after school program as they walk to school.

Until tomorrow's ride . . .

Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunday, sunday, sunday

Short two mile ride today...street ride with the mountain bike, so not as comfy as usual...but I was short on time because I had lunch with a family celebrating the little one's third birthday :)  You can't go wrong when you leave and get hugs from all the kiddos....

I heart my neighbors. 

A good day. 

Reason number #10 for #30daysofbiking...totally unrelated to today's events.
When I check in my rides at dailymile it says I'm an athlete.  (That brings a smile to my face every day.)

Until tomorrow's ride. was amazing today:

Picture the 8am service, there were arrangements at the foot of the altar from yesterday's funeral.  After Sunday School the tall flowers - pedals decorated by the youth during the Lenten Fair - were added to the mix.  I like that they spring out of the funeral arrangements...seeing the new life, the now and future generations of the church stemming from the saints who have gone before us.

Then during the late service the kiddos brought up all the school kits to be blessed before we send them out to Lutheran World Relief.  Seeing the growth and love and grace of God moving beyond these walls to children in countries around the just plain awesome. 

As we continue to journey to the is wonderful to see God at work in the world here and now. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

old trail, new eyes.

Rode a sweet 6 miles today at Grings Mill.  I haven't been on that trail in 5 years....and have lots of memories of runs and walks along the river.  It was nice to be back...and to travel by bike. 

It was nice to have a Saturday evening off and to go for an evening ride.  I'm still working through this cold, so I took it slow and just enjoyed the robins, cardinal, geese, ducks, squirrels and perhaps a woodchuck (it scurried across the path in front of me), not to mention many walkers, runners and bikers of all ages.  I must admit, I may slightly covet the cute white and pink bikes with the silver fringe coming out of the handle bars.  Is it even called fringe? 

While my serious bike wish list includes new tape for the handle bars and upgrading the water bottle holders.  My fun bike wish list includes a ring-ring bell and fringe :)

I also rode in my jeans today....for two reasons. 
1) It was #denimride day for #30daysofbiking.
2) So I would purposely not race up and down the trail. 

oh... and 3) so folks on the trail could see my sweet argyle socks. 

Reason #9 for #30daysofbiking:
A way to share my sassy knee high socks :)

Until the next ride . . .

another day late . . .

Yesterday's ride was another short one...I'd say not even a mile. 

It was raining, again.  I did layer up with rain pants, raincoat & my new padded bottoms :)  I got them in the mail yesterday and just had to test them out.  (love them!)

Since yesterday was only day one on the mucinex, I figured folks from church would not be happy to see me out and about on a cold rainy day. 

I'm hoping to get a few miles in this afternoon - post funeral - and when it warms up a bit. 

Oh...reasons for #30daysofbiking

7) shouts of encouragement from parishioners as they drive by
8) invites for breakfast as i bike by people's homes :)

Until the next ride . . .

Friday, April 8, 2011

yesterday's ride...

It was short and sweet...this cold is getting the better of me :(

I biked to a meeting...the weather was perfect...I forgot how much I like showing up with one pant leg rolled up.  I biked home in the dark...with a flashlight...and I stuck to the side walks.  Today I buy a headlight and blinking taillight....then I'll be ready for sticking to the road at the end of the evening.

Right now I'd rather be riding...but the rain is coming down...and in combination with this cold that seems like a bad choice...

We'll see.  I guess I could go over to church and ride my bike up and down the hallways.

I'll keep you posted...

Until the next ride.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

colds suck.

I hate being sick. 

My throat is scratchy...and I'm super tired.  I did do an easy ride this morning, but could feel that I was under par.  I took it slowly and it was a short ride.  I had hoped to do 30 days of double digits...but a 5 mile ride is good for being under the weather. 

This is where I took a breather today:

Here's hoping that boatloads of tea and rest will help this cold shove off. 

Until the next ride . . .

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

glad i didn't check the weather radar first

Reason #5: breaking loose from being a fair weather biker. 

Granted, the weather was perfect this morning as I left the house...high 50s and overcast.  It felt warm :) 
Luckily I kept the raincoat...rain was in the forecast...something about thunderstorm warnings until 10am.

I mixed up the loop that I've been doing, just for a change of pace. 

This is not the only hill in the ride...but it makes me think twice about this loop every time I see it:

At this point in the ride, it started sprinkling...not too felt nice, especially after this hill.  You know like during a long run or ride when you're warm and a cooling off is welcome. 

I did another few miles into Wernersville where I hit the main drag to head back into town...and there it was, looming over and beyond Robesonia....a dark, ominous storm cloud....eep. 

But I headed home anyway....into what turned out to be driving rain and gusty wind.  I got back into town and still had 1/2 a loop to I kept going.  At that point, I'm already wet, not cold (well except for where the rain is stinging my arms through the rain coat) but not chilled to the bone. 
I charged up the last few hills...with some shouts/grunts and bursts of laughter as I realized that puddles were forming in my shoes.  The water was running down my face and legs...and I laughed harder.   I got to one turning point...and I kept going onward...extending this morning's ride from the usual 10 to 13.  I kept thanking God in the midst of each hill (both on the way up and down) for the strength, ability, courage, energy and for getting me out of bed to get out and ride this morning.

This is the second ride in four days, when Katarina has been dried off. 

My leggings, socks and shoes are still wet.  A good ride.

Until the next ride . . .

Monday, April 4, 2011

short ride/long day

Why do #30daysofbiking?

Reason #4) still get a good workout in on 12 hour workdays.

Just another marathon Monday here: at Trinity.

6:40: Bike ride :) (same loop as yesterday - a little cooler and a little quicker)
8:30 Breakfast Bible Study
10 check voice mail/email/blog
11: Staff Meeting
12: Pastoral Staff Meeting
12:30 - Lunch!
1:00 leave for Small Group Bible Study
3:30 (back at church) write thank you notes to youth who helped with children's message yesterday
4-5:30 Hang out with elementary and middle school youth at after school program
5:30: breathe/check email & facebook
5:45-6:45: enjoy dinner prepared by parishioners because meetings begin at 7.
7:00: Evangelism Meeting
8:10: Debrief meeting with colleague/check email one last time....
8:30 home :) start some laundry/blog
9:00 put on kettle for tea :)
anytime after that probably falling asleep while reading the lion the witch and the wardrobe....

Until tomorrow's ride . . .

Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 reasons for #30daysofbiking

Today's ride was squeezed into the middle of a Sunday.  Sundays kick my butt.
Worship at 8, Sunday School @ 9:15, worship @ young adult bible study after the late service.  Fundocy (confirmation) at 4 and a youth event at 6.  phew. 

But...did manage to get a 10 mile ride in this afternoon. 
And thankfully the sun was out.  Therefore the awesome splat! noise...was a bug hitting my sunglasses and not my eye. 

Gotta love the casual pose in front of the fire house in Wernersville.

Here's the firehouse sign:

I was slightly jealous of the folks waiting in line at the ice cream shop as I traveled through town...but there are many more days when I can stop there....not to mention a Ritas Ride :)

I also passed by 3 other bikers out this afternoon...wondering if there's a secret wave for I would know if they were in or not.  I just imagine that they are.

Oh, when I signed up for #30daysofbiking, they ask for the reason you are doing it.  I'm trying to come up with 30 for each's three...since it's already day 3.

1) breakfast at the tomcat cafe
2) emotional sanity during a busy season
3) i've been sleeping like a champ!

Until the next ride . . .

Saturday, April 2, 2011

hills, glorious, hills...

I love that the weather was much nicer today.  Zero rain and zero snow.

The upside to having an afternoon to ride is that you get to explore new areas...that and you don't know the elevation. 
The downside to that is ... the chance that the first few miles of the ride may just be a steady uphill...hidden by turns in the road. 

I did have a chance to look into the woods and think about morel season in Indiana :) and back to good times during the Hilly Hundred.  

I took a photo break to breathe at one point mid-hill:

I laughed at this sign...because the great hills were all on Furnace St. 
I debated going down Hill Road...but I stuck to my guns and continued up Furnace St. 

After some more hills... I eventually hit the awesome down hill! :) :) 

It ended up being a good loop.  From what my quads are saying right now, I think a less hilly ride tomorrow would be a good choice. 

Until the next ride . . .

Friday, April 1, 2011

back to biking :)

Tough ride to kick off #30daysofbiking....

The snow was coming down when I got up...and it transitioned into rain while I was riding. 
I now know to change the layering while I ride....especially when it's raining.  My feet got really wet, so I'm nixing the cotton socks next time.  My toes were the chilliest. 

It was all worth it, though, for breakfast:

Luckily there are many more breakfast options at the Tomcat Cafe ....This morning I had Moody Blues French Toast.  The fellow next to me at the counter had a lunch sandwich....and it looked delicious!  I think I will take Carl's recommendation and have that one next time.  It was something with braised beef and melted cheese....on this toasty bread. 

It was a good 17 mile ride....I love this month! 

Until the next post . . .