Tuesday, November 27, 2012

snow and crescent rolls....mmm....

It was beautiful this morning....the snow was falling and I had the morning to myself, so I enjoyed some coffee and then headed out to run some errands.  The roads were clear enough to be out and about and the store wasn't busy at all!  (win. win.)

I headed into the office and based on the weather, we decided that we would postpone this evening's meetings...by noon-ish, the snow was still falling, even though the forecasters said it would stop and we weren't sure how the temps would fall into the evening.  We'd rather people stay safe rather than attempt a trip in on roads that could have been slick or icy.  

I enjoyed salad and soup for dinner with a side of my Thanksgiving favorites: crescent rolls!

The soup was the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers.  Yum.  

I'm thankful for the beautiful snow!  I'm thankful for tasty eats....like crescent rolls.  (I know, silly, but tasty.)  I'm also thankful for the gift of a free evening.  I was looking forward to meeting a bunch of folks interested in becoming members of Trinity, but also a quiet evening is a blessing....especially when it's unexpected.  It also gave me a chance to google some recipes for a cookie party I'm heading to on Saturday.  The cookies will contain bacon.  Definitely.  

Until tomorrow. . . 

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