Monday, November 26, 2012

Playing catch up.

The past three days have been a bit of a whirlwind!

Friday I had the chance to hit the pool and took a shot at deep water aqua jogging.  I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere....but it at least gave me the feeling of running again.  (boy, do I miss running)  I also snacked and caffeinated like a champ for the lock-in that night at Laser Quest.
This is just a small sampling of all the drinks we went through that addition to a table full of orange snacks: Cheetos, Doritos, goldfish and BBQ chips.  I'm truly thankful for a fun night with the youth and even more thankful to the adults to stayed up all night to give them a safe space to play.  Volunteers are amazing!  (Thanks, too, to all the parents who transported us safely to Laser Quest and picked up their youth promptly at 7am. You are awesome!!!)

Saturday, there was some serious sleeping to start the day, which was followed by family Thanksgiving.  From the family, to all the food we ate, the stories we shared and the laughter.   It was a a wonderful gathering....I have the leftovers to prove it.  I enjoyed some quality time with my beautiful niece, Eva....and my 4 legged nieces and nephews (Gigi and Geno)  :)
Of all the wonderful pictures, this was the highlight of my day.  All the 'kids' gathered together for a picture.  I'm so thankful for my family of future in-laws who have welcomed me in with open arms.  Thanks!  <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p" you="you">

And yesterday was a relaxing started with brunch with french toast, homemade strawberry topping and whipped cream and a side of bacon!

Which was followed by a trip to Hershey to the ride the rides and look at the lights at Candy Lane!

In the midst of busy lives, Billy and I are truly thankful for the ability and the flexibility to just go and have fun.  We love that we are able to spend time with friends and family, but still have time for just date!  :)  We loved the evening and some tasty grub at Troegs at the end.

A busy 3 days, but they were filled with amazing moments.  Thanks to all who were a part of them!  

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