Friday, November 2, 2012

Home sweet home.

So let me start by saying that I drove through some pretty storm hit area today. Many down trees and many lines at gas stations. There were some pretty hard hit areas from Hurricane Sandy and I'm thankful that the area I'm in fared fairly well.

I do have to say it was wonderful to take a break from driving and grab a bite to eat at The Clinton Station Diner.
I've driven by it many times and have never stopped in. After missing the exit, we drove passed a gas station with a line of cars waiting for gas. It was the that we began to wonder if it was even open.
We walked up to the door at 1:20 and the handwritten sign that said opening Friday at 1:00.
As we walked in the first thing we were asked was, do you have power at home? Thankfully we were able to respond yes. If we did not have power, we would have been eligible for coffee and many lunch specials on the house. It was cool to see the local restaurant feeding so many people and giving to those who were still facing the hardships from the storm.

But gosh, it's great to be home.
These are some things I found in my bedroom.

A fun bag that used to hold blocks or games. And a dream catcher that I made one year at camp. And thinking about the dreams I've been having lately, the catcher may come in handy.

Today I'm thankful for people who are able to give out of what they have and the opportunity to come home and remember fond memories of growing up.

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