Monday, November 19, 2012

old school...i guess

So I was listening to WWOZ this evening during dinner. The song that caught my attention didn't catch it with a drum beat or a sax or trumpet riff, it was the crackle.  It was the sound that could only come from a needle on vinyl.  So when I got home from the Stewardship meeting tonight, I pulled out a Judy Small album.

I love that crackle.  
I love that as I was growing up we listened to vinyl.  I have to chuckle now when my dad pulls up tunes on the apple tv...oh how far we've come.  But seriously music has been such an influential part of my life.  It is the thing that can help me connect with how I'm feeling, it can spark a living room dance party or bring back a fond memory.  I know I've blogged about music before, I'm thankful today for music in all sorts of forms....vinyl, cassette, digital....even a compact disc.  It's great to share...

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