Friday, November 9, 2012

Yesterday was National Stout Day.  I'm sure thankful for good beer, that is most certainly true.
So I guess this post could be all about the tasty brews that I've enjoyed....but there's more than that.  Here was the tasty treat from yesterday:

It was Southern Tier Imperial Oatmeal Stout ..... super delicious!
But I'm not just thankful for the is more so the person with whom I shared it, my fiance.

(Warning....this post has some sap potential.)

No, seriously, I am so thankful to have found someone who totally gets me. Who is patient and understanding when I'm grumpy or hungry or tired.  Someone who empties the dishwasher, just because.  Someone who is making sure I'm taking care of my Achilles tendonitis, even though sitting still is such a challenge for me.  He makes me laugh.  We can talk open and honestly about life, love and laugh about how often my dad tweets.   He enjoys spending time with my family...and loves to eat, brew, take pictures, hunt, relax with friends and smoke delicious meats :)
I continue to thank God for the wonderful matching job done through eHarmony.  We can truly be ourselves with one another and that feels great!  I continue to pray that I am as kind and generous and loving to him as he is to me.  Here's to many more years together, Billy.  You are amazing and I love you so much!

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