Monday, November 26, 2012

just keep swimming.

So, I swam a great mile today.  I think what fueled me is that I was frustrated that people (definitely older than me) were doing laps faster than I was.  I got grumbly....I wanted to, I'm a runner so don't expect me to go too fast.....then I got grumbly that I was swimming because I couldn't run.  So during one of my breaks, I reminded myself that at least I can swim right now.  I'm thankful that I'm not  completely restricted from exercise.  (even as I type that I wish I could run)  So, all in all a solid workout and I should just stop right now, before I enter Negativeville.

There's my suit and my monopoly towel...drying for the next workout.  If you look carefully, you may also see a cat tail.

Thanks for reading...

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