Wednesday, June 27, 2012

taco tuesday = epic fail.

Okay, I must Monday eats weren't the best.  I had a great 5 mile run, followed by some chocolate milk...and then snacked through the day...and didn't have much of an appetite.  I did devour some cheesy mac & broccoli for dinner, followed by a hershey bar- in preparation for yesterday's trip to Hershey Park.  

I rode rides like a champ and had a blast people watching with friends.  
We finished the day at Red Robin where I enjoyed a Troegs Pale Ale...brewed just a few parking lots over from the restaurant.  That's pretty local...even if it was at a chain restaurant.  

So today, I was totally in the mood for tacos.  The ground venison was thawed, I picked up some tasty local veggies....'s a purple pepper. 

I had the venison browning, the peppers and tomato was diced, I had already realized I was making my own taco seasoning....but then I opened the fridge....and had no cheese.  Arg. 

So, I went to plan B: Sloppy Joes.  

I dumped the diced peppers and tomato into the ground venison, chopped up some onion and added that too, and let the veggies soften up.  

I went to add tomato sauce, but the remainder of pasta sauce in my fridge had a touch of fuzz.  So, I added tomato paste, ketchup, some water and chili powder.  I let it simmer for a bit...then tasted it and realized I wanted something more like a BBQ flavor.  So I added some brown sugar and apple cider vinegar and let it simmer for a bit longer.  

I popped some whole grain buns in the oven to warm them up....alongside some sweet potato fries.  
And this is how my tacos turned out:

Pretty delish for a botched up taco tuesday, dontcha think? 

Until tomorrow's tasty treats . . .

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