Thursday, June 7, 2012

the colors of christmas.

I enjoyed more and more of the strawberry vinaigrette dressing on my salad at lunch today.  I also had a small salad with that tasty dressing with my 'breakfast for dinner' egg scramble and biscuits. 

Between hospital visits and the Baccalaureate service this evening, I did make it to the farm stand down the street.  I am happy to report that my produce drawer in the fridge contains multiple colors....other than green! 

The beautiful red radishes and the purple tones of beets!  Yum and yum. 

I bought the beets with the greens attached, but learned that it's best to store them separately, because the greens will suck the moisture out of the root. 

I also picked up a head of lettuce (for a dollar!) that was clearly just taken out of the ground.

I'm thinking the greens will make an appearance at dinner tomorrow.   And I just may have to pick some more strawberries.  (between sharing and eating them....the ones I picked on Tuesday are pretty much gone. )

Until tomorrow's fresh eats . . .

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