Friday, June 8, 2012

run, nap and eat, eat, eat.

A wonderfully full day.
The following are on my 'done' list.

Pick strawberries.
6 mile trail run.
Snack on tortilla chips with salsa con queso.
Bake bread.
A few loads of laundry.
Try new recipes for dinner.
Clean, cut and freeze some strawberries. (7 cups)
Blog.  (well almost....)

It was another beautiful morning to pick strawberries.  I'm thankful that I got up early to get some picked before the weather warmed up.  Unfortunately, I hit the trail for my run later than I had it got rather warm.

The nap was perfect....maybe an hour or so?  All I know is that the nap was probably long overdue.

Dinner was super fresh!

Freshly baked bread using the spent grains from the
I mixed up the flours a bit and added not only whole wheat, but also some rye.  It's a heartier bread, especially with the whole spent grains.  I do need to add a pinch more of salt to this recipe,'s tasty with salted butter...but needs that little bite.

The bread was delish alongside fresh snap peas with fresh chives (from my herb garden).  I found the recipe, here: Sugar Snap Peas by Rachael Ray

 (Yup, I served them in a Rachael Ray dish.)

Those were next to some grill pan grilled chicken tenders with a light marinade of Cajun seasoning, salt and pepper, apple cider vinegar and evoo.

And the star of the plate tonight were the beet greens.  Starting with sauteed bacon, adding some local spring onion, then some grated garlic.....the greens simmer in that with some water and sugar.  At the end you add cider vinegar.  YUM!  I'm looking forward to enjoying the leftovers next week!

(not pictured - Dead Ringer IPA)

And now it's time for dessert....bring on one more slice of bread and some strawberries!

Until tomorrow's good eats . . .

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