Thursday, June 21, 2012

a few days late....

So tonight's dinner was a new found favorite several summers ago.  I heard Nigella Lawson on NPR talking about summer eats.  You can find the story at NPR and the recipe I used to make zucchini fritters.  They are so tasty!  The only problem with these fritters is that I eat them while I make them....I guess the good thing is that I make enough for a few meals and by the time I'm done cooking I'm also done eating!  

They are super delicious!

A few days back I enjoyed some tasty treats with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil. Appetizers one day:

Local tomatoes, fresh mozz, fresh basil from my garden all drizzled with olive oil and aged balsamic vinaigrette. Then became a salad the next day:
In the summer I could live on salads....and well, all the other tasty treats I love to prepare.

Until the next opportunity for local eats . . .

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