Tuesday, June 12, 2012

we got the beet(s)

The same woman who said I looked tired at a meeting last night, reminded me today, that I look tired.  I thought last night's tired look was due to a quick dip in the pool and my mascara moving from eyelash to just below the eye, but that was definitely not the case today. 

The day did take a bit out of me, though...it started with a solid ride this morning in the midst of the rain.  After the first 15 minutes I didn't really notice the rain, until I got off the bike and it (and I) needed a wipe down.  Here's what I picked up on the back of my jacket during the ride:

And my socks were still wet when I got home at 8pm this evening....

I spend too much time shopping for a swimsuit.  Luckily I did find one after several hours of trying on a multitude of different suits. 

But after three stores...and the reality that it was 7pm, I treated myself to a PB & C milkshake from Coldstone Creamery.  I know...a total chain.....not really a 'local' purchase....but I saw her make the shake....and it was satisfying.  I was in desperate need of sugar and a pick-me-up. 

When I got home, after prepping lunch for tomorrow, I had some leftover meat roll.....and some fresh radishes. 

I then took the beets and roasted them for salad toppings and snacks tomorrow. 

I will try one tonight, as soon as they cool down. 

I hope to get to the local farm stand tomorrow, to replenish my veggie supply and come up with something creative to the cookout tomorrow. 

Until tomorrow . . .

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