Tuesday, June 5, 2012

strawberry fields forever

Last night's dinner became this morning's breakfast.  After watching Extra Virgin on the Cooking Channel, I was ready to try this tasty frittata recipe.

Super delicious with fresh spring onions and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.  Last night we paired it with a fresh salad with local lettuce, cukes and tomatoes.  (yum)

This morning is was perfect reheated in the microwave alongside a fresh cup of coffee....and the last slice tomorrow will be paired with fresh strawberries! 

This morning's adventure was here:

Just 20 minutes or so down the road, to the pick your own strawberry farm.  :) 

If my back would have allowed I would have loved to stay all day.  It's a wonderfully cool morning with the plants a little wet from yesterday's rain and plenty of strawberries to pick. 

So many berries and only two containers to fill.  (I didn't want to go overboard.)  I am headed to a picnic/planning meeting tonight for our Youth Board, so I'm bringing fresh strawberries to share. 

The rest I will just eat as the week continues.  This may be the peak week for picking, so if I'm out and about early enough on Friday, I'll head back down to see what's left.  I guess I could freeze them for smoothies and other desserts. 

After an hour of picking I paid $4.60 for this:

A morning well spent, I'd say. 

I also remembered that I have an awesome cookbook, Simply In Season It has great recipes categorized by season.  I may have to highlight some of those recipes for the next month...and keep that book out on the counter throughout the year. 

And now for the rest of the day . . .

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