Saturday, June 2, 2012


After worship tonight I was invited to a surprise party for an 80 yr old woman in the congregation I serve.  I don't think that the eats can get more local than this.  She has two step children, the child she gave birth to died (I don't know the whole story) and she's had a tough life.  But I do know this, that the church social hall had tables of people who all live in her neighborhood.  It was family created by community.  She said that no one had ever done anything like this for her in her life before....and we said wait until 85!  She has a sassy attitude and was waving her finger at each us us because we knew about the party but didn't let her know about it.  And today, of all days, her basement flooded with water and sewage, so her neighbors (and a plumber) were helping her out all day. 

I tell you, the family in that room was amazing.  They love this woman and she is so blessed to have them all in her life.  They spoke highly of her and kept saying how good their neighborhood is.  I saw it for my own eyes, a table full of food (I had some meatballs, broccoli salad and some pierogies), an 80 year old in a tiara sipping tea in a decorated goblet, and people sharing stories of their day with smiles and laughter.

We are called to live in community....yet the extent to which we do that has an impact far greater than we can ever imagine. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to share in celebrations that lift up community and individuals. 

Until tomorrow's local eats . . .

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