Sunday, June 24, 2012

really, i eat more than just pork...

After an afternoon of thrift shopping at Billy's mom's cottage.....some of the fun finds will be posted later, but I'm hoping that my front porch and my high porch will be somewhat decorated with some fun and funky old stoves and and quirky bird cages.  Who knows how it will all pan out.  After a light lunch with mom and packing up the truck, we ended up getting some take out for dinner.  We made it to The Latin Corner and ordered pork and beans, and a side of sweet plantains.

Here's what we enjoyed:
Normally the pork comes with rice, but trying to be a little more carb conscious, we asked for beans instead, which led the woman at the counter and her dad on a mission to give us the best bang for our buck, because 'Mom wasn't there.' We ended up with a boatload of tasty just $10.  The daughter came up to up with a bowl of the crunchy pork skin and said, "Because we had to pull more pork out of the oven, we pulled off some of the skin, because you have to taste it." 
So there we were, listening to the chef talking about using fresh ingredients and how everything is made on site as we crunched away.
We will definitely return.

Yesterday I followed a link from to a tasty grilled summer sandwich.
We grilled some whole wheat pizza dough, then covered it with pesto and provolone cheese...and popped it back on the grill.  Then we pulled it off and turned it into an open-faced BLT.
It made for a delicious lunch today :)

After a quick training at Muhlenberg College to prepare for my small group leader role at the National Youth Gathering in NOLA this summer.  We stopped at Allentown Brew Works We sampled some tasty brews and ate like champs.  

 The nachos were tasty...

But the Pear Bleu Cheese Pizza with Sherry infused pears, prosciutto and chopped walnuts.  (And a bleu cheese drizzle) was the crowd favorite!  So delicious and savory and sweet! 
We may have to figure out how tho make this on our own....luckily yesterday's food adventure gave us a sampling with grilling dough, now to figure out how to infuse pears with Sherry.....mmmmmm.

Until tomorrow's local and tasty eats . . .

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