Monday, June 11, 2012

meat roll.

Time to catch up on the last few days. 
It was a wonderful thing to enjoy 3 days off in a row! 

Saturday was a leisurely morning with a nice bike ride followed by an afternoon of brewing and some errands with my boyfriend.  Our all things local for the day took place in the outdoor kitchen.  And by outdoor was the burner for the turkey fryer on the patio that heated the water and wort for the Nut Brown Ale and we cooked up some tasty Thai curry in a cast iron pan over the same burner.  It was a perfect day to be outside....we enjoyed some home brewed hef and IPA while we were out there as well.  Here's the hef...we've been working on the pour to help with the head retention.

On Sunday the local eats included a tasty homemade brunch....topped off with a locally baked cake.  It revealed the gender of the soon to be born baby of my boyfriend's sister and brother-in-law. 

It's a girl!!!

I wore blue....thinking it was going to be a boy....I was wrong...but that's okay.  I had tasty leftovers of chicken, beet greens and peas for dinner.  (Still loving those beet greens!)

Today I made a recipe created by my sister.  It's the meat roll.  
A pork tenderloin, seasoned and seared and placed on rolled out pizza/bread dough.  Then you wrap it up and bake it!  I made some fresh (mock) pesto it was basil from the garden, fresh parm, evoo, salt, pepper and garlic.  (everything but the pine nuts), some diced tomatoes, spring onions and mozzarella cheese.  

It was delicious! (Thanks, LKC)

I think leftovers will be tasty tomorrow with some freshly roasted beets.  I'm looking forward to those.  

Until tomorrow . . .

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