Wednesday, June 20, 2012

beach moments.

I just returned from a 3 day beach retreat in Wildwood, NJ with a handful of our senior high youth group.  The local eats were not really the focus of this trip...although I did enjoy samples of fudge made on the boardwalk, Kohr Bros. ice cream, and a tasty 'cowboy' burger (pictured here)

A beef burger topped with pulled pork and homemade BBQ sauce and onion rings :)

More memorable, though, were the conversations that we had around the table where we ate.  From the first meal of tacos, to breakfasts and back at dinner again, we laughed deeply, we ate heartily and truly just conversed with one another.  We had moments of forgiveness and moments of grace (both moments and sung & spoken prayers), we talked about life, relationships and sense of call.  We laughed (to the point of tears) took time to breathe and laughed even more.  There is something about fellowship around the table.  I'm so thankful for the conversations that we were able to have over the past few days.  There are times when the youth make me laugh and times when we are serious...and then I think....woah, they have so much going on in their minds and their hearts and their lives....and then I worry a little bit.  I know God's holding each of them....and will never let them go....and I shouldn't have any buts....BUT....I just want to see them all succeed and blossom and grow to the best young men and women that God called and has created them to be.  

And with that, I'm also thankful that this evening, after we got home, I was able to head to my neighbors and lounge in the pool for a while to chill in this over 100 degree heat!  And I was invited to stay for dinner....more great conversation, especially with a 4-yr-old theologian at the table.  She's thankful for her pop pop....and thankful that God made him.  She was also talking to her band aid at one point, which always makes the evening interesting.  

Until the fresh or local eats I'll find tomorrow . . .

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