Monday, July 9, 2012


Today in our staff meeting we were asked, "How do you find balance?"

It was a question that seemed to throw us into the giggles...seeing as summer seems to keep us even busier than that school year with weeks of VBS, music camp, day camp, the National Youth Gathering,    a few weddings, oh and vacation time?  

I am truly thankful that I just returned from a great vacation. 
It was a vacation with family, food, rest, running, more family, more food and more rest.  
We talked, we laughed, we watched birds, we just relaxed.  
When I got home my cat, Marley, reminded me that she was happy that I was home.  Even though it was super hot and humid, she insisted on cuddling.  She napped and I had a few days to read a book.  

It seems easy to see balance when I'm coming off of vacation, but we'll see how I continue to 'balance' work and personal refreshment as the summer continues.  
I did hang up a hummingbird feeder yesterday and by evening a local hummingbird had found it.  

Today I watched as he went to the feeder and back to a tree in my yard and I discovered the nest. 

These pictures were taken from my front porch. 

I was trying to read, but lost focus as I just watched the nest and it's owner....

Hopefully you can see the little guy/gal in there.  I don't have the best zoom and didn't want to infringe on his/her space.  

I do think it was very cool that the bird came to the feeder (on the porch) as I sat on the porch swing. 

I realized that there are bits of balance I can find each day.  It's good to sit and read.....or not.....but to take the time just to be.  I did get some errands done, but the laundry can be put away tomorrow....but taking a moment to rest and breathe....that needed to be done today.  

Until the next time . . . 

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