Monday, May 23, 2011

installed and fully operational.

Yesterday I was officially installed :) 

What a joy it was to worship, fellowship and celebrate with friends and family who have seen me through different times of my life.  I loved when my friend/colleague who preached talked about me being escorted to the font, pulpit and table...and also being called to bleachers, sleeping bags and retreats.  It's so of the things I love about this call is the part where I am called beyond the church building, into the school for concerts and shows, sporting events and grading senior projects.  What a blessing it is to be involved in the lives of the youth within the congregation and community. 
I was glad to be able to share this weekend with my family...from the food, to the laughter...and even the was great to all be in the same house for a weekend. 

I am not sure what the scale will look like next week, as this weekend, I have eaten like a champ. 
Today I had beef at breakfast, lunch & dinner.  I think I could go meatless for the rest of the week. 

The scale yesterday was 163.  Same as last week, which I was happy about.  I figured after two weeks of a new exercise and eating plan I was ready to plateau...(secretly happy the numbers didn't go up!) 

Until next time . . .

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  1. PS.

    Breakfast = steak & eggs and homemade biscuits. (steak was leftover from dinner on Saturday)

    Lunch = cheesesteak at Pat's in Philly.

    Dinner = cookout at church - burgers on the grill.