Tuesday, May 10, 2011

my time on the road to emmaus.

Sometimes ministry means just being present to listen. 
As I walked with a woman today, she had a lot on her mind...and was able to just let it all out. 
I said, as your pastor, how can I help?  She said, this...a walk and a listen every now and again. 
The caregiver in me wants to be able to offer super, fantastic advice that will make all the difference in the world...but I don't have all the answers...nor does she expect them of me.  Just someone to listen to her and walk with her, to give her some space and a listening ear. 

In a later part of our conversation, as we were talking about small group Bible study, she said, the group that meets, doesn't need to be totally structured around a specific lesson. We are there to nurture and support one another and listen to and pray for one another....that's when Christ is revealed to others.  
(Preach it, sister.)  In the midst of her busy life, she is able to articulate the presence of Christ in small group ministries and gatherings....and she wants that to be a part of her life. 

I'm thankful for our walk/talk today and thankful to be here...

Until tomorrow . . .

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