Saturday, May 7, 2011

a nice day for a wedding

An interesting day . . .

Presided at a wedding today, a young couple.  It was a challenging moment to see them dance at the reception to the song I danced with my ex-husband at during our reception.  Just brings up a many memories...both good and bad.  The song brought both sad feelings and feelings of new beginnings.  During that moment I prayed for the newly married couple...that as their life moves forward together they feel God's presence within their marriage and know that their family is there to love and support them. 

The presence of the resurrected Christ was in the birds singing during my ride this morning, in the joining of two families and the celebration that followed, in the return of a colleague from a week long conference.  I also felt the support and love from a colleague who provided music for the wedding, reminding me to take care of me, not to become overwhelmed, not to be sucked in to too many things, to continue to be the breath of fresh air that I have been thus far.  Similar love and support to what I felt last night at dinner.

I truly enjoyed dinner of salmon, oven roasted asparagus and couscous this evening...a nice quiet afternoon....a mini-Sabbath....time for me to breathe, clean, relax, and be me. 

Until tomorrow . . .

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