Tuesday, May 3, 2011

voices and instruments

The presence of the Risen Christ today was seen and heard in many places:

in the squeaking of a few clarinets
in the smiley faces of 4th & 5th grade chorus members
in the proud faces of parents & grandparents

in the true joy that exuded from the music teacher as she conducted the band, the show choir and the chorus.

in the joy that came from hearing colleagues laugh watching different muppet clips on you tube (for work, really!)

As the 4th & 5th grade chorus sang the song, Children of the World...
"Children of the world, find a way to believe.
Children of the world, learn to give and recieve.
They may live with war,
They may live with peace,
yet they somehow know love does not cease"

As the chorus continued the song with several more verses...tears came to my eyes.  For these few moments and minutes...these children were united in song, lifting their voices together singing words that ring true to our world right here and now.
 What hope that gives me...and what a reminder about how important music is to not just our young people, but our community as well.  It gives us an opportunity to hear about and see things that are bigger than just us.  Yes there are opportunities for solos and special singled out moments, but in the case of chorus and band...there is the important piece of performing as a whole group.  Thinking about how you support others and how they support you.

We are all connected. 
For better or for worse.
How can what we do in our individual lives be in the best interest of our neighbor, our friend or our enemy?

Ruminating on that one for a bit . . .

Until tomorrow . . .

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