Sunday, May 15, 2011

beware the ides of may . . .

This day was insanely long. 

Worship, Sunday School, Worship, lunch with young adult group, Godspell practice, new member class, confirmation, dinner with 8th grade confirmands & their parents, and chaperone meeting for the pocono retreat.  (phew)

This is what stuck out for me today.  We have small groups for confirmation...and this one group only had one person in class today.  And I thought about some of the sparse attendance we've had in worship post Easter Sunday and how we are the Body of Christ.  How our interaction with others, our participation in worship and at other events can make or break it for someone's not about us...feeling drawn into worship, or into attending Bible study or confirmation....but it's about God calling us together for the sake of others around us. 

I kept thinking about that one boy in the group.  Wondering how he felt that no one else from his group was there.  It's not that we're required to be at things...and all those boys who missed tonight will have to make up the homework (big deal) because the homework doesn't build and maintain relationships. 

I guess I just realized how the whole body hurts or is incomplete when others aren't there. 

I don't have any great insight...or answer as to how to help others see this...I guess to just continue building relationships with those who are there. 

Because the other interesting sight was a girl who hasn't been at a confirmation class since I've been here....that's 4 months.  She walked in tonight...and I was like, who's that?!?  And I think to myself, her group has missed out on some awesome time together.  Because it's all about building relationship in Christ and how that is foundational for whatever else we face in life. 

In other news...this super long day has yet again affirmed my vocation... I truly love working with and growing in faith with young people.  They are amazing. 

Until tomorrow . . .

Oh, the scale this morning: 163.

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