Sunday, May 8, 2011


Worship was wonderful today. 
We welcomed a precious baby girl into the God's family through baptism.  :)
We gave thanks for all the women who have nurtured our faith and our lives. 

And we were reminded that God comes to us, exactly where we are.  On the road to where ever Emmaus is in our day to day lives...that is where God meets us. 

I was thinking, because Mother's Day means no after church activities, I would have an afternoon of nothing...and by nothing I already had a list of things to do: 

re-arrange exercise room
make chili for Monday night's dinner
take out trash
marinate and freeze chicken for dinners later in the week
tidy up living room
paint toenails :)
watch arrested development :)
read on the porch swing :)
bike to the local ice cream shop :) 

As you can see, at least the list had a good mix of chores and stuff just for me. 

My afternoon turned out a bit differently.

I accepted an invite to parishioners for an early dinner. 
So, immediately after church I looked at the list to conquer the must dos - trash, chicken, chili.
Followed by reading on the porch swing for a while before heading out at 3pm.

I knew I was in for a good afternoon...I wasn't certain which house was theirs, but the daughter (6th grader) offered to jump up and down in the front yard.  She wasn't far off....she was in the yard with a sign pointing to the house :)

We then headed to their family's farm...and walked around acres of farmland and woods...saw a crayfish in the spring and held a young chicken.  We left the farm with freshly picked asparagus :) and headed home to make ice cream in the new ice cream maker.  It's like hamster wheel...except you put the ice cream ingredients in the canister in the ball, surround it with ice...and then roll it for 15 mins... or in our case 30 mins.... and then scrape it out and put the soft serve in the freezer. 

Burgers on the grill, fresh asparagus, chips, dip, salad and a nice cold yuengling.  Wonderful conversation and homemade chocolate chip ice cream at the end.  It is amazing how with some people you are family.  While a quiet afternoon is what I thought I was in the mood for...I completely enjoyed and was refreshed and rejuvenated by my afternoon with this family. 

I got home and was sitting on the porch with a book when another person showed up to see if I wanted to go for a was probably good to get out and walk off one of the 2 burgers . . .
It was a brisk walk with good conversation and another reminder the love and support God continues to give me through the people that surround me in this community. 

Jesus met me today, in the breaking of the bread, in walking around a farm, in spending time with a truly down to earth family, in the walk with a friend, and in the time I had to myself in the midst of all that. 

I'm now ready for a cup of tea and another chapter of my book.

Until tomorrow . . .

Oh, and today was a scale day: 165

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