Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sometimes I forget the amazing assurance you can feel in a hug. 

At an evening meeting tonight I had the opportunity to share an embrace with a colleague who has had a rough few weeks.  I sent this person just a short email this week to check in and to thank him for sharing what he was going through.  When I saw him tonight he said, can I give you a hug?  Sure, I said.  There was thanks and appreciation and mutual support as we knew that what ever we were/would be facing we would not be alone.  (blessed)

At the close of the evening, I met up with a colleague with whom I have recently reconnected. 
The first time I saw her a few months ago, she gave me this incredibly holy hug.  So tonight after we made plans to get together soon, we hugged again...and I was tearing up as I told her how holy her last hug was.  I sensed welcome, comfort, joy all in one embrace.  (blessed, again)

I'm so thankful for friends and colleagues both old and new.  The understanding that we share in life and in ministry.  And the presence of the risen Lord we are able to see in one another...what a blessing.

Until tomorrow . . .

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