Monday, May 2, 2011

almost at a loss for words...

So thankful I had the chance to go for a run this morning, because I had a long day ahead of me and needed some time and space because I had a lot on my mind.  

Still breathing, praying and reacting to the global events of the past 24 hours...

I wish I had some deep insight...because I struggle with the jubilation that surrounds the death of someone.  I know that Bin Laden's actions and activities caused harm and death and loss and grief for so many people...that is what needed to come to an end, not his life.  I can't celebrate the death of anyone.

I was talking about this with the 5th & 6th graders in our after school program.  Some were happy because they knew he was a bad man...and knew of all the people who died on 9-11.  Others just thought is was sad that more people had to die.  It was moving to see the range of responses from this group of young people...and all while we were making paper beads.  

I think at this point I'm just sad.  Sad that many ways human beings react to violence and being hurt is to turn around and hurt others.  It sad to see in our communities in the case of abuse in a home or in our towns and nation...but when it begins to span the globe it becomes down right scary.  Because it seems to me that as the playing field gets bigger and bigger more and more people enter in...some level headed and others not...not a good thing.

And here we the beginning of the Easter season.  Meeting up with Jesus as he made those first appearances to Mary and the disciples...a week ago, heck, even yesterday, I felt the reminder and the promise of new life, of a fresh start as we remembered/remember God's victory over death.  And now it feels as if there is much rejoicing over death.

At this time, I'm truly thankful for my faith community. While we will have different opinions and different reactions...I continue to pray that our words, responses and actions will stem from our call to live our lives as God calls us to.  That in the midst of a world in pain....the light of Christ will continue to shine through the darkness to illuminate the world.  I am thankful for the moments of laughter and joy, of fellowship and prayer today that I shared with many different people of all ages.

Until tomorrow  . . .

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