Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 days of . . .

So June showed up out of nowhere!  Okay, well, not out of nowhere, but it seemed to surprise me this morning. It's not the only think that surprised me, though. 

As I made a quick trip upstairs to grab my watch before work, I saw something flying in the bed room. 
It floated like a butterfly (i didn't want to find out if it stung like a bee!) Then I thought, well, maybe a bird.  But how am I going to get a bird out of the bedroom!? But alas, it was neither butterfly nor bird, but BAT!  Oh boy.  I've heard about bats in the belfry, but in the bedroom??  I think not.  But how to get rid of it? 

I squealed once when it was in mid air and flying in my direction...but I moved and it landed on a chair next to the window.  At that point I thought I'd just open that window and screen and then find something to scoop it out with...but no luck with the window open, bat moved to the floor.  Let me mention that at this point, Marley walked over to it, sniffed it, and walked away.  Little help she was.  I headed out to catch my breath and saw it flying again so I ran out of the bedroom closing the door behind me...let's keep this adventure contained in to the bedroom, shall we? 

When I walked back in, it was on my bed.  Luckily, not on my pillow, but on the end of the bedspread.  So I figured I would just wrap it in the bedspread and carry it outside.  Easier said than done.  A queen size bed spread is too much bedspread for a bat a little smaller than my fist.  But at least the bat was then on the floor.  I tried to scoop it up with a towel, but couldn't get it on to the towel.  At this point, the whole ordeal comes with the soundtrack of a squeaking bat.  (Marley at least feigned interest.)

So by scooping it with one bath towel, I put it on another bath towel and wrapped them both together to carry the bat downstairs and outside.  (Again, probably too much towel for a little bat, but not for me!)  I put the towels on the porch and uncovered the bat, he/she just squeaked some more.  I headed inside to wash up and when I came back out it was gone. 

I scoped out the eaves of the porch when I got home later, but have not seen it. 

So in honor of this morning's adventure, here's to 30 days of 'bat's.  Somehow, each day, I will come up with something to do with the word 'bat' in it.  Stay tuned, it should be an interesting month. 

Until the next post . . .

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