Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three days of catching up

Here's a brief recap of the last few days:

Monday: after cutting myself shaving...and covering the tiny wound with a BATman bandaid...I was off to the beach for a few days.  The weather was beautiful and with a a good group of senior high youth, we hit the boardwalk.  I loved all the food options :)  (Especially the fried ones)

That night I went with the BATter dipped deep fried pickles....very tasty. 

Tuesday, following some service projects around the church and Inn, we enjoyed some crazy waves at the beach...eventually the sun came out, so sunBAThing was definitely in order.  (With repeated applications of sunblock.)

We frolicked in the waves and the dolphins did as well :) 
 The snacks on the boardwalk that night were chocolate covered bacon and a funnel cake.

After riding back from the beach today, a great bubble BATh was just what I needed before a pre-marital meeting this evening.  It was great to just stop and breathe and be alone for a bit. 

The pleasant surprise, though, came at the end of the day.  I was at church after the meeting and the phone rang...and against my better judgment, I did answer the phone.  My next door neighbor was calling to see if my meeting was over, because they were hanging out in the pool on this warm evening. 

A fine end to the day.

Until tomorrow . . .

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