Saturday, June 11, 2011

bats, bats, everywhere!

You must, MUST see Bat Boy: The Musical.  It is hilarious!  Great music!  Clever writing!  You'll pretty much laugh through the whole thing.  The Genesius Theatre is a great venue that promotes community theater.  Such a great thing!  I went with my friend Deb, met her friends (parents of one of the characters) and just enjoyed a night out in the city.  So last night rolled into this morning.  We'll count the musical as yesterday's bat.  Not to mention the batusi in the performance, too! 
After the show, we headed out for snacks and beers with the cast.  Who could pass on a stromboli big enough to feed 8!  And, get this, the drink special for the evening was pitchers of Labatts for $7!!!
So, if the show counted for Friday, surly the Labatts and eating with the cast of BatBoy counts for early this morning!  :)

I'm pooped.  I'm glad the sermon is written....just needs a tweak, because now it's time for a few graduation open houses.  I will definitely sleep well tonight.

Until the next bat-venture.

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