Monday, June 27, 2011

another three days . . .

Saturday: Not really sure what batty thing happened this day.  There was sermonating, bike riding, preaching while fireworks were being tested, sharing multiple funnel cakes with great neighbors and watching the local fireworks :)  I guess you could say that I debated the words for my sermon for quite some time...luckily the words finally came to me. 

Sunday: Made a to-do list way too long for the time that I had. 
But still managed to make it through 5 episodes of buffy...not really sure how that happened, but I did it.  The last episode I saw was the Halloween one in season 4.  The best part was the scene when bats descend upon the scooby gang in the haunted frat house :)

Monday: chocolate cake batter ice cream with mini marshmallows

Until next time . . .

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