Thursday, June 2, 2011

a childhood crush :)

I enjoyed watching several episodes of Arrested Development. I tell ya, a childhood crush, that started while watching Silver Spoons, continues to this day.  And now, it's not Ricky Schroeder...although his racecar bed was pretty sweet.  But seriously, who doesn't like Jason Bateman?  Yeah, he's definitely a favorite of mine.  :)

I gave tribute to his sister, Justine, as well, by watching the episode of Arrested Development entitled Family Ties.

For the record, I forgot how hilarious this show was.  Here's hoping there is a movie in the future.

Day two: Jason BATeman and Justine BATeman.  ;)

Oh, for those who were following along last month...I weighed in yesterday at 163.  So, after a month of logging my intake and exercising regularly, I lost 4 pounds.  I'm keeping up with the food log as the summer goes on :)

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