Wednesday, June 15, 2011

aw, meatloaf again?

So...I restorted to googling bat things this evening.

It's well past my bed time...and I'm pooped. 

So here are some interesting things I found.
Urban Dictionary has some crazy may not want to read many of them....but my favorite definition was the following:
Bat Out of Hell: Much faster and more reckless than an average bat. Always in a hurry. 

While looking for clips from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, when Meatloaf comes in on his motorcycle, straight out the of the freezer like a bat outta hell.  I got distracted (shocking) and stumbled on the 30 second bunnies cartoons.  Many movies done in a minute or so, by bunnies.  (Hilarious) 
I've watched them before...but here's a link to the RHPS: 30 Second Bunnies on YouTube


Until next time . . .

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