Friday, June 3, 2011


I think, if I make it through this weekend...I should really get moving on that sermon....then Godspell will soon be consuming my least until showtime! 

The song in my head all day (not the one with my solo that I should be singing all the time) was Bless the Lord.  A great tune and the young woman who sings it can nail the high note at the end with grace!  She rocks it.  The women and men in the chorus do a great little dance number as sweet back up singers. 

And for Day 3:
He will not always chide
He will with patience wait
His wrath is ever slow
To rise
Oh bless the Lord
And ready to aBATe
And ready to aBATe
Oh yeah!
Oh bless the lord
Bless the lord my soul
Oh bless the lord my soul!

Until the next bat-venture . . . 

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